What are the Duties of a Personal Care Aide?

Assisting Hands Home Care

Assisting Hands Home Care

Seniors who need care and assistance could benefit greatly from the help provided by a personal care aide. In this guide, we will discuss the duties of a personal care aide and how they can help your senior loved ones.

As seniors age, they may become increasingly reliant on others for help with the activities of daily living. Families that are too busy juggling their own households may opt for a personal care aide to provide their elderly loved one with support. This professional is responsible for the following duties.

When do seniors need extra help?

Daily life can be challenging when older people develop physical or cognitive impairments. Their ability to independently perform basic tasks, such as bathing or cooking, declines. Severe arthritis, chronic pain, or immobility commonly create obstacles to living independently at home.

Diseases like Alzheimer’s that affect their thinking and memory skills can hamper older adults in their everyday life. Dementia patients may forget how to use the gadgets in the shower or kitchen, which prevents them from bathing or preparing meals. They may forget doctors’ appointments, too.

When families notice that their elderly loved one engages in a pattern of self-neglect or lives in a home that they can no longer independently maintain, outside support is beneficial. A personal care aide can be hired to meet the daily care needs of the senior.

The majority of older adults wish to age in place, as they have the opportunity to be in familiar surroundings and in their beloved community. A home care professional, such as a personal care aide, is ideal because their services allow the senior to remain at home.

What are the duties of a personal care aide?

Personal care aides are responsible for a number of non-medical support activities that help the elderly complete important self-care tasks. These home care professionals assist care recipients with personal hygiene routines, household chores, meals, getting around the community, and staying social.

1. Bathing

A caregiver helps the senior bathe. If the older adult resists due to symptoms of dementia, the personal care aide gently encourages and assists them. Plus, seniors may be more comfortable with a professional helping them with this intimate task, rather than a family member.

2. Dressing and Grooming

Similar caregiver duties include help with dressing and grooming. The personal care aide lays out clean outfits daily, allowing the senior to choose. The professional is crucial for ensuring the older adult, especially one with dementia, dresses appropriately for the weather.

Grooming, including shaving and clipping nails, is another personal care task with which elderly care recipients receive help. Older adults feel greater social confidence when they are properly groomed and dressed in clean clothing. The personal care aide is integral to achieving this end.

3. Light Housekeeping

Just as self-care is necessary, maintaining the home contributes to overall health and comfort. A personal care aide is responsible for light housekeeping, such as dusting and washing the dishes. Their efforts ensure the senior’s living space is hygienic, which promotes their general well-being.

4. Transportation

Most older Americans live with a health condition and need to visit the doctor periodically. Seniors rely on their personal care aide to provide safe transportation to the physician’s office. Caregivers also accompany the care recipient throughout the outing to help them feel secure.

In addition, personal care aides drive seniors to areas within the local community. Aging people may sign up for senior yoga classes or participate in bingo at the senior center. The caregiver provides them with the transportation they need to continue being part of the community.

5. Organizing Daily Schedules

The personal care aide may also be responsible for planning the senior’s daily routine. If the aging adult’s doctor prescribes regular exercise, the caregiver includes it into their days. Or if follow-up medical appointments are scheduled, the aide jots them into the calendar.

6. Grocery Shopping

In order to live a healthy lifestyle, aging people must consume nutritious, vitamin-rich foods. As a part of their everyday duties, personal care aides shop for fresh groceries, like fruits and vegetables. They ensure the older adult’s pantry is amply stocked with healthy foods and snacks.

7. Meal Preparation

Caregivers also prepare balanced meals that adhere to the senior’s dietary recommendations. Meals are served regularly and on time. Personal care aides may socialize with the senior during mealtimes to encourage eating. They also serve beverages so that the senior remains hydrated throughout the day.

8. Companionship

One of the most overlooked aspects of caregiving is the social component. Seniors can feel lonely or isolated when they live alone or suffer from mobility issues. They may have difficulty leaving the home to engage with people in their community. A caregiver, however, combats these known ills.

Personal care aides provide vital companionship. Social activities they are responsible for include games, puzzles, and outings. These social outlets are not only mentally simulating but socially engaging for the care recipient. As a result, they are less at risk for spiraling into depression or boredom.

Senior Care Plano Texas

Seniors receive holistic care when they utilize the services of a personal care aide from Assisting Hands Home Care. Our professional caregivers provide a wide range of non-medical home health care services to keep seniors in their homes for as long as possible and increase their quality of life.

Caregiver duties include all of the abovementioned tasks. Additionally, our caregivers provide transfer assistance to help seniors into or out of a bed or chair and discreetly assist with incontinence issues. Our professionals respond to the doorbell, record recipes, and make grocery lists.

Companion care involves improving the social health of our care recipients. We buy magazines and read to seniors. If your aging loved one wants to call a friend, we look up phone numbers. Caregivers are excellent companions who initiate conversations and encourage the pursuit of hobbies or crafts.

When the aging person in your life would benefit from senior companionship, choose Assisting Hands Home Care. We are dedicated to serving the older population in Frisco, TX | Plano, TX | Allen, TX | Little Elm, TX | Prosper, TX, and the neighboring areas. Call Assisting Hands at (214) 609-1340 to schedule your free in-home consult and learn more about quality senior home care.